Travelling soon or just want to check veggie people in another part of the world? Veggly Teleportation is here to help you! Why not check out the best cities in the world for vegan dating or perhaps the best US states for vegan dating?

Maybe your Veg-Match is on Veggly but just in another part of the world 😉

If you are a Veggly Premium subscriber, access it in your filters icon Veggly Filter Icon at the top of the Home screen or go to Settings -> Preferences:

Veggly Settings

From there, you’ll see the Teleportation button:

Veggly Filters - Teleportation

Start typing where you’d like to teleport to:

Veggly Teleportation search for city

Select from the list and save!

Voila! (Just gave me the idea of checking out Paris 🙂 )

You’ve just teleported to that location. You will see people within your filters, from that city. Please note that Veggly Teleportation will “keep” you in that location until you decide to move again. This is necessary to give people in that city a chance to see and like you, so a Veg-Match can happen.

If you want to come back to your current location, just click the Come Home button. Note that Veggly never shares your exact location, for safety reasons.

There you have it! Upgrade Veggly now and start your borderless Veg-Search! 😉

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