Veggly Teleportation is here!

Travelling soon or just want to check veggie people in another part of the world? Veggly Teleportation is here to help you! Why not check out the best cities in the world for vegan dating or perhaps the best US states for vegan dating?

Maybe your Veg-Match is on Veggly but just in another part of the world 😉

If you are a Veggly Premium subscriber, access it in your filters icon Veggly Filter Icon at the top of the Home screen or go to Settings -> Preferences:

Veggly Settings

From there, you’ll see the Teleportation button:

Veggly Filters - Teleportation

Start typing where you’d like to teleport to:

Veggly Teleportation search for city

Select from the list and save!

Voila! (Just gave me the idea of checking out Paris 🙂 )

You’ve just teleported to that location. You will see people within your filters, from that city. Please note that Veggly Teleportation will “keep” you in that location until you decide to move again. This is necessary to give people in that city a chance to see and like you, so a Veg-Match can happen.

If you want to come back to your current location, just click the Come Home button. Note that Veggly never shares your exact location, for safety reasons.

There you have it! Upgrade Veggly now and start your borderless Veg-Search! 😉

We have a new scammer detection system!

We recently started using a new scammer detection system to improve your experience.

Every day we strive to keep fake users, scammers and stalkers away, and make sure Veggly continues to be a safe place to meet new, like-minded people. We take this issue very seriously and ban fake/scammer users on a daily basis, based on the reports which we review regularly.

To boost these efforts, we recently started using a new scammer detection system  to improve your experience.

However, even with our new tool, it is still important to report suspicious profiles. You can you can do this by clicking the “Report Abuse” function (at the three points at the top-right corner) and we’ll investigate.

The reasons to report include:

– User is stalking you

– Abusive Pictures

– Fake User

– Commercial Account

– Under Aged

– Aggressive Chatting

You can also add a free text explaining why you are reporting someone. And if you need to include a screenshot, for example, feel free to send it to us at [email protected].

For more safety tips, please check out our dedicated page:

And to stay up to date with all of our announcements, blog posts, and future partnerships, please follow the growth of Veggly on our social channels:





Tip of the Day: Complete your profile!

A complete and up to date profile can improve your chances of a Veg-Match. Check out this #tipoftheday for all our Veggly users:

  1. Upload all 9 pictures, some clearly showing yourself and some showing your lifestyle: what you like to do, your pets etc.
  2. Complete your about section: describe yourself, what you like to do and interesting things about you.
  3. Use the app frequently. The default order of people’s feed is by “Last Online”.That means when you login, your profile goes to the top and is presented to more people.
  4. Consider changing your filters of age and distance. This may not be an option for you but it’s worth revising if, to find a Veg-Match, you wouldn’t be willing to go a bit farther away or out of your age range.

Tip of the Day: Reorder your Feed!

Did you know that you can reorder your feed? Check out this #tipoftheday for all our Veggly users:

When you open your Home screen on Veggly, you will be presented with the list of users within your interests and filters. The default order is by users who were last online on Veggly. But you can change it to the following options at the floating top-left “order” icon:

  1. Online: Default ordering. Shows who was last online. As a side note, when you login, your profile moves to the top, which increases your chances of a Veg-Match.
  2. Distance: Shows whoever is closer to you. If distance is really important to you, you can use this order so you see first the ones that are around you 😉
  3. New Users: Shows profiles that were recently added. It’s a great filter if you have seen most of the profiles within your filters. You can use it to see those that you have not seen yet.