Fabio and Danielle, who matched on Veggly in 2020, are “over the moon” after Elis’ birth and plan to raise the healthy little girl as a vegan.

Back in 2020 dating life wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for Fabio. Having spent 21 years as a vegetarian (and now fully vegan), Fabio has talked about how difficult dating could be when you’re looking for a vegan partner. According to him, “there’s no special meet up place like a nightclub, so it’s very hard”, which is something just about anyone who uses Veggly could relate to.

Danielle and Fabio, from São Paulo, Brazil, matched on Veggly in May 2020, and are now sharing the news of the healthy birth of their daughter, Elis (born on July 8th 2021), in partnership with Veggly.

For Danielle and Fabio, the connection was instant, and the pair spent several days texting on Veggly before finally meeting in person. “Before, during and after our first dinner together, we emptied three bottles of wine and our Veg-Match came out into real life.”, Fabio told us. According to him, after that first date, he introduced Danielle to his dogs, Cindy and Toddy. If that doesn’t show just how special these two are, we don’t know what will!

Veggly Baby

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Little Elis, the first “Veggly Baby” – born on July 8th, 2021

Their love continued to grow as they started seeing each other more and more often and, eventually, became pregnant with the first Veggly Baby. Danielle said that they are over the moon: “Our dreams have come true and we are overjoyed to welcome Elis into the world.” The couple has also expressed their gratitude to the app developers for making it possible for them to meet online. “If it weren’t for our ‘Veg-Match’, we wouldn’t be here with Elis in our arms right now.”

This news is very exciting for Veggly as well. Seeing a couple who met on the app giving birth to the first ever “Veggly baby” is like having a wild dream come true. Commenting on the couple’s new bundle of joy, Veggly Founder, Alex Felipelli has said that “The Veggly team and I will always do our best to make sure every herbivore on our app finds their ‘Veg-Match’. This wonderful new milestone will strengthen our commitment to helping this community grow as much as possible.

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