UK Vegan couple meets on Veggly #OurVegMatch!

Join us for the story of this super cute UK vegan couple who met on Veggly and are very happy 😍

Joan and Darren on a vegan date

Helping vegans and vegetarians meet is the main reason why we created Veggly and knowing it is working makes us very happy and inspires us to keep working hard for the community!

We are so happy to share another story of a couple that Veggly helped to create: Joan and Darren, who are dating. Here’s the testimonial Joan shared with us:

“ I’m 32 and he’s 39. After a bad break up 3 years ago I thought I’m done. No more relationships and I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life. Eventually I learnt about veganism, got involved in activism and I was completely a new person having learnt this newfound lifestyle about justice and freedom for all sentient beings. I moved to the UK last year and knew veganism is booming here. There are more vegans in the UK than anywhere else. Of course I’ve come across vegans before but no one ever clicked. I just thought there’s nobody who shares the same principles and outlook towards life that I do. I came across Veggly and hoped I’d find someone whom I could at the least sit in a vegan restaurant and share meals with.

Then the great pandemic exploded out of nowhere and we were all in lockdown. Mid April I came across this profile who was the closest to where I lived. The first day we started chatting I suddenly got logged off the app and I wondered whether I should pursue the chat or not. I decided to login again and not expect anything and be receptive to whatever life has to offer with this guy. After 6 weeks of keeping in touch over the phone and getting to know each other, we decided to meet.

Clearly there weren’t any pubs or restaurants open. So a local park it was. Five months on now, one of the best decisions I ever made. We think alike, we have similar hobbies. He’s literally my reflection and my reality check. Animal abuse and exploitation brings me down and dark clouds of depressive emotions loom over me. He is the sunshine that I’ve been longing for. He understands me best. People think I am mean but he gets the kind of mean I am(lol). I don’t have malice towards people. He gets my sarcasm. Makes me laugh till I cry.

I couldn’t ask for more in a partner. I don’t know what the future holds for us. Right now we both make each other happy and helped each other through not such good times. Our families know about us and are very happy for us. I’m going to remain ever so grateful to Veggly forever. ” 

Darren also sounds pretty happy with the new relationship. This is what he sent us:

“I’d like to also send you a big thank you! Meeting Joan through you app is more than I could have imagined. You have my permission to use the testimonial and image for your blog.
Keep up the good work… you are making many people happy!”

So, there you have it! Our favorite UK vegan couple! 🙂 Got your story to share? send it to us at [email protected]

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Big thank you to Joan and Darren for sending it and authorizing us to publish! 🌱 😊

The perfect match! Combining seitan with vegan dating

Tasty news from Veggly HQ today! We are very excited to announce our new partnership with LoveSeitan, Europe’s top manufacturer of delicious seitan.

We have entered this partnership to help Veggly users in the UK (and in the future, around the world) get their hands on the best vegan food possible.

From today, our users in the UK will have access to discounts on LoveSeitan products; we want to help LoveSeitan boost awareness of seitan as a healthy vegan meat, and create some delicious discounts.

As the world’s leading dating platform for vegans and vegetarians, we’re committed to supporting other vegan brands on a mission to change the world, so it is an honor to collaborate with such an excellent vegan food brand.  

As we expand (we now have over 175,000 users globally), we’ll be watching out for more opportunities like this to give the best discounts possible, so let us know if you think there is a vegan brand we should have a look at!

Commenting on the partnership news, our Founder, Alex Felipelli, said: “Seitan is a wonderful vegan food and we love helping create new relationships in the UK, so it is a perfect partnership for us! We’re very excited to see some new ‘Veg-Matches’ for LoveSeitan customers across the country.”

Also commenting on the new partnership, the Co-Founder of LoveSeitan, Steve Swindon, said: “This is great news for seitan lovers looking for new love in their life. We hope to see plenty of ‘Veg-Matches’, success stories and new relationships for our customers come out of this new partnership. And together with Veggly, we’re keen to boost awareness of seitan as a delicious vegan meat throughout the UK!”

So, there you go! We hope you enjoy this partnership! To stay up to date with all of our announcements, blog posts, and future partnerships, please follow the growth of Veggly across our social channels:





Vegan Couple Meets on Veggly #OurVegMatch !

From now on, we will start sharing some inspiring stories about people who had the opportunity to meet vegan partners or friends, thanks to Veggly! This first one is this cute vegan couple from Germany!

We will put all of these stories under #OurVegMatch to make it easier to find.

Helping vegans and vegetarians meet is the main reason why we created Veggly and knowing it is working makes us very happy and inspires us to keep going!

Evi and Falco met through Veggly and are dating nowadays. Here’s the testimonial Evi shared with us:

 “Hey, so this is our love story. My name is Evi and I am 18. My partner’s name is Falco and he is 23. We matched on the 13th December 2019 on the app. We had many awesome dates, the first one being on a vegan Christmas market! Since the 2nd of February 2020 we are officially a couple.

The story began when I just signed up on the app (on the 13th dec), scrolled trough and then I saw his cute merge smile. We both clicked each other’s “like” buttons and we matched <3 Later he told me that he saw a new like and immediately knew I was the one when he saw my profile. We texted for a few days, shared each other’s instagram and our numbers later on. We noticed a strong connection between us and decided to meet asap. We live in different cities (I am from Krefeld and he is from Herne),

I don’t think we would have met without the app. We are real greenies & the connection is even greener, so we took the train to see each other, always with the hydro flask and a vegan snack in the backpack. I had a relationship with an omnivore for 2.5 years, & I have to admit that it was awful going out eating outside or to talk about the climate change, animal agriculture etc. I was sure that my next partner should have the same values as me. I am so grateful that I found Falco through Veggly.

We have the same values and beliefs, the same ideology and the same interests. I mean we share everything!! We love to cook together and marinade some good tofu. We also went to a vegan meet-up and met some really nice people with the same interests and taste of food. I am so happy that I found someone, who supports me and makes me happy – he does. I can only recommend to date another vegan, the chances that your vegan partner is a good cook is very high, also you have someone on your side who encourages you to stand up for what you believe in. ”

(The first pic is from our first date, on a ferris wheel 🎡, the other pics are us now. We went to a vintage store and we enjoy spending time with his lil cute doggie 🐶)

Sincerely Evi

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