User Manual

Veggly User Manual: Quickly get started using Veggly, find your Veg-Match, Chat and Meet Vegans near you. Click the topics below to read more:

Using Veggly is quite easy. After you setup your account, you just Like the people who interests you in the Home page. When a person likes you back, you have a Veg-Match and you two can start chatting.

Important: The people you see in the Home page are sorted mostly by Last Online. You can change that ordering at the floating blue icon on the top-left corner. The other options are: by distance and by new users first.

You may click the filter icon on the top and filter people by age, distance and diet/ lifestyle. Click the “unlimited” on/off toggle to enable the age and distance selectors.

You can slide left to hide a user’s profile in the Home screen. This only means the user will not show up in the Home screen anymore. You may even hide people you liked and you will still Veg-Match with them, if they like you back. If you change your mind, the hidden users can later be found and Unhide at Settings -> Hidden Profiles.

Hiding is also available at the profile menu (three points at the top-right corner)

Excluding is available at the profile menu (three points at the top-right corner). When you exclude someone, you will not be shown to each other anymore, except in the People Who Liked my screen, if they liked you.

Use this for people you are not interested in having a Veg-Match with.

Blocking a profile is similar to excluding it. It is also available at the profile menu (three points at the top-right corner). The difference is that you block the user even from contacting you in specific scenarios, when they would still see your profile, such as if you liked them before excluding. So, if the person is bothering you, you can use the block feature. You may consider report the user as well, in case you believe the user is a fake or scam (see below)

At Veggly, we strive to keep fake users, scammers and stalkers away. But we don’t have the means to review every single account. So if you find a suspicious profile, use the “Report Abuse” function (at the three points at the top-right corner) and we’ll investigate.

The reasons to report include:

  • User is stalking you
  • Abusive Pictures
  • Fake User
  • Commercial Account
  • Under Aged
  • Aggressive Chatting

You can also add a free text explaining why you are reporting someone. If you need to complement with a screenshot, for example, feel free to send us at [email protected]

Click here for the complete Terms of Use

The people you have Veg-Matched with will show up on the Chat tab ordered by the most to least recent. Click on the person’s name to start chatting.

Veggly is free for the core functionality but you can send Super Likes to improve your chances of a Veg-Match. You use a Veggly Coin to send a Super Like. With a Super Like, the person you send to will receive a notification before the Veg-Match. So that will increase your chances because they will necessarily see that you like them. You may also optionally add a message with your Super Like. So, if you like something specifically in their profile, you can mention that to show affinity.

They still need to like you back for a match to happen and you can chat but instead of seeing you just scrolling through the main page, they will get the notification and it will also show up on their Super Likes tab on the app.

IMPORTANT: After you send a Super Like and reload the app, the button will be enabled again. That only means you could send another Super Like to the same person in the future. Your original Super Like was sent and the user notified!

You can check the Super Likes you sent in the Super Likes tab -> Sent button at the bottom-right corner.

You will be taken to your profile when you first create your account. Later you can always come to the Profile tab to change or add to your information, add or change your pictures etc. The more complete is your profile, the bigger the chances of a Veg-Match!

At the top of the Profile screen, you have the button “How others will see me”. Use that button to preview your own profile and pictures.

In the Settings tab, you can change your settings, logout, manage account, read about our privacy terms, see the profiles you’ve hidden, and open Veggly Store.

As mentioned before, Veggly is free for the core use: two people like each other, get a Veg-Match and chat. That is all free!

Now, we need to keep constant investment in marketing to bring more people to join and for that reason, we have some paid optional functionalities and they are described here:

Veggly Premium

With a Veggly Premium subscription, you:

  • Can see who Liked you before the Veg-Match
  • Use Veggly without ads
  • Can use Veggly Teleportation
  • Get 3 coins per month to send Super Likes
  • Get read confirmation in the chat

IMPORTANT: Both username (email) and password are case sensitive on Veggly. So before changing, you may want to try with an uppercase initial or something like that.

If you need to change your Veggly password, you can start the process by clicking the Forgot Password button on the bottom-right corner of the login screen. If you are already logged in, logout at the Settings Tab -> Logout

As usual, let us know if you find any issues: [email protected]

Veggly uses your location in order to show people near you. The app will ask for permission the first time you open it. If you are getting a message saying we were unable to get your location, you may need to authorize Veggly in your phone.

To confirm you’ve granted permission, click here for Android instructions or here for iPhone and iPad instructions.

If these instructions don’t work, you may need to uninstall Veggly from your phone, install again from the app store and make sure to authorize location when prompted.

Please note that sometimes it may take a minute for the read to work (especially in closed spaces), so you may want to try and close the app and open again a couple of times.

If none of this work, please, send us an email at [email protected]

Sign in with Apple provides a fast, private way to sign into Veggly, giving you the convenience of not having to remember multiple accounts and passwords. It also makes it easy to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID and has two-factor authentication built in for an added layer of security.

If you already have a Veggly account, Sign in with Apple will only work if your Apple ID uses the same email address you use on Veggly AND you authorize Apple to share that real email with us, when singing in. If you select to hide your real email, Apple will send us an email and that will not be found on Veggly.

If you’ve already told Apple to hide your real email but you’ve changed your mind so you can access an existing Veggly account, you will need to tell Apple to forget that option: In you iPhone/iPad, go to the Settings app > Apple ID (your name) > Password & Security > Apps using Apple ID. Select Veggly and tap the red link: Stop Using Apple ID. Next time you use Sign in with Apple on Veggly, it will ask you again if you want to share your email. IMPORTANT: if you have already created the new account with Veggly, you will need to delete it before associating with Apple Sign in: you can delete it at the Settings tab, Privacy button and Manage Account.