Brazilian Couple Welcomes First Baby After Meeting on Veggly

Fabio and Danielle, who matched on Veggly in 2020, are “over the moon” after Elis’ birth and plan to raise the healthy little girl as a vegan.

veggly baby
Fábio and Danielle holding cute Veggly Baby Elis

Back in 2020 dating life wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for Fabio. Having spent 21 years as a vegetarian (and now fully vegan), Fabio has talked about how difficult dating could be when you’re looking for a vegan partner. According to him, “there’s no special meet up place like a nightclub, so it’s very hard”, which is something just about anyone who uses Veggly could relate to.

Danielle and Fabio, from São Paulo, Brazil, matched on Veggly in May 2020, and are now sharing the news of the healthy birth of their daughter, Elis (born on July 8th 2021), in partnership with Veggly.

For Danielle and Fabio, the connection was instant, and the pair spent several days texting on Veggly before finally meeting in person. “Before, during and after our first dinner together, we emptied three bottles of wine and our Veg-Match came out into real life.”, Fabio told us. According to him, after that first date, he introduced Danielle to his dogs, Cindy and Toddy. If that doesn’t show just how special these two are, we don’t know what will!

A baby in a car seat

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Little Elis, the first “Veggly Baby” – born on July 8th, 2021

Their love continued to grow as they started seeing each other more and more often and, eventually, became pregnant with the first Veggly Baby. Danielle said that they are over the moon: “Our dreams have come true and we are overjoyed to welcome Elis into the world.” The couple has also expressed their gratitude to the app developers for making it possible for them to meet online. “If it weren’t for our ‘Veg-Match’, we wouldn’t be here with Elis in our arms right now.”

This news is very exciting for Veggly as well. Seeing a couple who met on the app giving birth to the first ever “Veggly baby” is like having a wild dream come true. Commenting on the couple’s new bundle of joy, Veggly Founder, Alex Felipelli has said that “The Veggly team and I will always do our best to make sure every herbivore on our app finds their ‘Veg-Match’. This wonderful new milestone will strengthen our commitment to helping this community grow as much as possible.

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So there you have it!

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Meet vegan boyfriend? Expat living in France has a Happy Story

We get so happy when we help bring a new vegan couple together! 🌱 And this story is from a vegan expat who met her vegan boyfriend, while leaving abroad. 😍 Meet your vegan boyfriend too: Get Veggly now!

Veggly’s main mission is to help vegans and vegetarians find their soulmates and we believe being an expat makes it even more important to meet new vegan friends and partners!

Allana and Thomas believed that and are now dating. 😊 Here’s the testimonial Allana shared with us:

I would like to share my love story with you and also to thank you for creating such an amazing app that allows us to find people that have similar values and beliefs.

I am Allana, a Brazilian student doing an exchange in France.

So, I started using the app around March 2020 when France was in lockdown and also my twin sister pushed me to use it. I met nice people there who became my friends. But then, I stopped using it, because I was a little bit busy with all the work and projects of my University.
In August, I restarted to use Veggly and I matched with Thomas, a vegan French. We talked for 2 weeks and then we decided to meet at the SMMMILE Festival, a vegan event in Paris.

Allana, Thomas and a friend at the SMMMILE festival in Paris - Meet vegan boyfriend
Our first picture together taken in SMMMILE: Me with Thomas and his friend.

Obviously, we were super nervous… it was our first date… but we could manage it. From this first date, every weekend we started seeing each other. I spent the whole 2nd lockdown of France with him and also we spent the holidays together. I could meet his family and get to know more about France. 

Allana and Thomas, Christmas 2020. - Meet vegan boyfriend
Allana and Thomas, Christmas 2020.

We just completed 4 months that we are dating and he is the most amazing gift I got while doing an exchange in France.


So, that is it: a story of a Brazilian student living in France that met the most awesome vegan French guy, thanks to Veggly.

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Dutch-English Vegan Couple Meets on Veggly! #OurVegMatch

We get so happy when we help bring a new vegan couple together! 🌱 And this story is particularly great because it crosses borders! That’s right: Charity is from Netherlands and Joe is from the UK.

Veggly’s main mission is to help vegans and vegetarians find their soulmates and we firmly believe distance is less of a barrier when it means to find people with similar values and ethics!

Charity and Joe believed that and are now dating. 😊 Here’s the testimonial Charity shared with us:

Credits: Storytellers Fotografie –

“Our story started when both of us started to scroll through Veggly. Both of us realized that the vegan datingpool is very small and we definitely didn’t expect things to turn out this well. Finding someone who is vegan is great but it obviously takes much more to fall in love and to build a good relationship. From the moment we started talking we realized how many things we have in common and how many shared interests we have.

Joe is from UK and I, Charity, am from the Netherlands. It didn’t take long before we really wanted to meet in person and so Joe booked a flight to meet me in Amsterdam on my birthday. Needless to say it was the best birthday ever. We went climbing and shared meals at some of the many amazing vegan restaurants that Amsterdam has.

Shortly after, I flew to the UK to stay with Joe, we were both very sure that we wanted to be together. We went on a trip to the Lake District (England) and Isle of Skye (Scotland) by car. We camped every night in our tent, did lots of hikes, and took baths in the ice-cold lakes.

As Scotland is notorious for its rain we had to spend four days and nights in the car as all the campsites were flooded. Even though a car is a very confined space to be locked up in for so many hours we had a lot of fun as we continued cooking our porridge breakfasts and stir-fries in the car. I think on this trip we realized that our adventurous souls had found each other.

As I had to go back to the Netherlands to pass my driving test, Joe came with me. I showed him some of my favorite places in my region before we headed back to live together in the UK. We recently bought a van together. We are in the process of converting it to a camper so we can travel together through Europe.

Thank you Veggly for making it possible to find each other. Both of us have never been this happy in life and we are very sure we won’t ever need a dating app again 😉”

There you have it! Another vegan couple Veggly helped creating. This is the main reason why we created Veggly and knowing it is working makes us very happy and inspires us to keep working hard for the community!

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German Vegan couple meets on Veggly!

Read this heartwarming story of a German vegan couple who met on Veggly! Dating and dating apps can be tough sometimes, especially if you’re looking for someone with similar ethics. But they show us it’s possible to find your Veg-Match!

Helping vegans and vegetarians meet is the main reason why we created Veggly and knowing it is working makes us very happy and inspires us to keep working hard for the community!

Aurelia met her boyfriend through Veggly and they are dating nowadays! Here’s the testimonial she shared with us:

Why Veggly?

My name is Aurelia, I am now 20 years old and a few months ago, I met my boyfriend through Veggly.

Well, I started using Dating Apps around August last year, since I have been single like, my entire teenage life and was frankly very lonely. I used several Apps, which I am not going to Name, since that does not really matter, what’s important is; I made some rather unpleasant experiences and was pretty disappointed. I never really believed that Dating Apps could work and my misfortune was proving me right until that point.

Vegan lifestyle

Further, it frustrated me that, since I am vegan myself, I would obviously much rather prefer having a vegan partner, and it is very rare to meet those in real life, let alone on apps. So I took my last chance and looked for a Dating App for vegans, not really hoping it would exist.

Enter Veggly

Turns out, it did. Veggly seemed pretty exciting and disencouraging at the same time, since it was basically empty at first. I live in a rather big city in Germany and not surprisingly, I knew most vegans the app showed me in real life from activism (they were all much older than me).

Anyways, just when I was about to give up on that too, I finally swiped right on a boy five years older than me that lived in a city nearby. It was a match instantly and since I was bored I figured, why not text him first. One of the best decisions of my life, as it turns out!

We immediately connected and exchanged numbers. The next few weeks were extremely exciting. We were basically texting all day long, we would have phone calls that lasted for hours and we could not wait to finally go on a date.

Covid challenge and first dates

But here comes the rather tricky part: this was all in April 2020, when the Corona Lockdown had just started in Germany. As he works with kids and is generally a very careful person, he didn’t want to risk“ meeting yet, especially since either him or I had to go on a train in order to meet. However, eventually the day of our first date arrived and I can pretty surely say: we both fell in love right away.

It was the best date I have ever had, even though all we could really do was walk around outside since everything was closed due to the lockdown, and I didn’t want to invite him to my place for the first date. We walked around my city for 10 hours straight.

For our second date, I went to his city and we basically did the same we had done on our first date, and still it was amazing. We could just talk for hours without getting bored of each other. On our third date he finally came over to my place, and after awkwardky staring at each other for like 10 minutes, he finally leaned in and kissed me.

Make it official

Not long after that, he stayed over at my place and I asked him if we were now official, to which he replied: yes.
We’ve been together for six months now and I have never been happier. He is just the person I needed in my life to feel complete. I love him.

So thank you, dear developers, for opening the gate for me to meet this amazing man I now proudly call my boyfreind.
I hope this story can somehow show you my appreciation for your work and hopefully give you strength to invest into this amazing app, so that more people can get lucky with it.

Also, recently I recommended the app to a vegan friend of mine and a few days ago she texted me that she too was now about to go on her first Veggly date. Fingers crossed for her!

There you have it! Do like this German Vegan Couple and meet vegan singles near you!

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Big thank you to Aurelia for sending the testimonial and authorizing us to publish it! 🌱 😊

Vegan Couple Meets on Veggly #OurVegMatch !

From now on, we will start sharing some inspiring stories about people who had the opportunity to meet vegan partners or friends, thanks to Veggly! This first one is this cute vegan couple from Germany!

We will put all of these stories under #OurVegMatch to make it easier to find.

Helping vegans and vegetarians meet is the main reason why we created Veggly and knowing it is working makes us very happy and inspires us to keep going!

Evi and Falco met through Veggly and are dating nowadays. Here’s the testimonial Evi shared with us:

 “Hey, so this is our love story. My name is Evi and I am 18. My partner’s name is Falco and he is 23. We matched on the 13th December 2019 on the app. We had many awesome dates, the first one being on a vegan Christmas market! Since the 2nd of February 2020 we are officially a couple.

The story began when I just signed up on the app (on the 13th dec), scrolled trough and then I saw his cute merge smile. We both clicked each other’s “like” buttons and we matched <3 Later he told me that he saw a new like and immediately knew I was the one when he saw my profile. We texted for a few days, shared each other’s instagram and our numbers later on. We noticed a strong connection between us and decided to meet asap. We live in different cities (I am from Krefeld and he is from Herne),

I don’t think we would have met without the app. We are real greenies & the connection is even greener, so we took the train to see each other, always with the hydro flask and a vegan snack in the backpack. I had a relationship with an omnivore for 2.5 years, & I have to admit that it was awful going out eating outside or to talk about the climate change, animal agriculture etc. I was sure that my next partner should have the same values as me. I am so grateful that I found Falco through Veggly.

We have the same values and beliefs, the same ideology and the same interests. I mean we share everything!! We love to cook together and marinade some good tofu. We also went to a vegan meet-up and met some really nice people with the same interests and taste of food. I am so happy that I found someone, who supports me and makes me happy – he does. I can only recommend to date another vegan, the chances that your vegan partner is a good cook is very high, also you have someone on your side who encourages you to stand up for what you believe in. ”

(The first pic is from our first date, on a ferris wheel 🎡, the other pics are us now. We went to a vintage store and we enjoy spending time with his lil cute doggie 🐶)

Sincerely Evi

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