Did you know that you can reorder your veggly feed? Check out this #tipoftheday for all our Veggly users.

Have you ever felt like you see too many people that are not that close to you? Or perhaps you felt that you are seeing always the same people? Read on for some tips on how to improve that.

When you open your Home screen on Veggly, you will be presented with the list of users within your interests and filters. The default order is by users who were last online on Veggly. But you can change it to the following options at the floating top-left “order” icon.

The Veggly Feed Options:

  1. Default: By default, the Veggly feed will show you people within your filters. The most important factor here is when users were last online. As a side note, when you login, your profile moves to the top, which increases your chances of a Veg-Match.
  2. Distance: Shows whoever is closer to you. If distance is really important to you, you can use this order so you see first the ones that are around you 😉
  3. New Users: Shows profiles that were recently added. It’s a great filter if you have seen most of the profiles within your filters. You can use it to see those that you have not seen yet.

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There you have it! Using dating apps can be boring sometimes so we hope this tip helps you make the most out of Veggly and find your Veg-Match like so many have!

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