Whoever came up with the idea that a vegan diet can’t sustain a healthy and strong body clearly forgot to tune in to the Olympics. Vegan olympians are the athletes who not only advocate for a more conscious and responsible lifestyle, but also prove that it is entirely possible to go above and beyond getting enough proteins for a healthy diet by going plant-based. Here is a list of a eight high-level vegan olympians who went public about their vegan diets:

1 – Meagan Duhamel

Duhamel is a two-time figure skating champion and has been a vegan athlete since 2008. The silver medal winning Canadian initially stopped consuming animal products as a way to prepare for the Olympic Games, but ended becoming a full-time vegan and even engaging in animal activism. Her favorite cruelty-free dish is nachos, but during training she goes for high-energy, high-protein snacks like seeds and protein bars.

vegan olympians: meagan duhamel

2-Venus and Serena Williams

This iconic sister duo has been a staple of competitive tennis for quite some time now. Vegan Olympian Venus Williams transitioned to a plant-based diet after being diagnosed with Sjögren syndrome in 2011. Serena went vegan later, in 2017. For training, the sisters prioritize foods like lentil, rice and potatoes. If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Venus and Serena, don’t forget to check out King Richard, a new movie coming out in November, starring Will Smith as the legendary vegan olympians’ father.

3-Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is one of the most famous and celebrated athletes, having won a whopping nine gold medals. Having been a vegan since the 1990s, Lewis has spoken out about how important a plant-based diet has been to his success.

carl lewis

4-Micky Papa

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has finally officially introduced skateboarding as an Olympic sport and this brought a lot of attention to a new roster of athletes. Among them is Micky Papa, a professional skateboarder who gradually transitioned to veganism a couple of years ago. The vegan Olympian has vouched for a diet with plenty of roasted veggies to boost training sessions.

vegan olympians: micky papa

5-Alexey Voyevoda

Voyevoda has scored two gold medals for the Russian Olympic team during the 2014 Sochi Games. Initially, the lifestyle switch was motivated by his health and performance as a professional athlete. However, the ethics of veganism and the fight for animal rights have since become equally important to him.

vegan olympians: alexey voyevoda

6-Morgan Mitchell

This Australian sprinter proves that a vegan diet definitely doesn’t make you weaker. Armed with protein filled meals, including meat substitutes like vegan chicken, Morgan Mitchell can tackle any training session.

vegan olympians: morgan mitchell

7-Kendrick Farris

Bodybuilding is frequently associated with eating copious amounts of meat in order to grow more muscle mass. However, this vegan Olympian has broken major stigma around bodybuilding, and has been a vegan since 2014. According to Farris, a vegan diet is not only enough to make sure he’s in top shape, but also very important in his recovery process.

kendrick farris

8-Marta Vieira da Silva

Currently a player for the Orlando Pride soccer team, Marta made waves in Brazil by being highly successful in a sport dominated by men. She was vegan for almost a whole year before going public about it in her YouTube channel, where she has shared some vegan recipes. 

vegan olympians: marta da silva

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