A complete and up to date veggly profile can improve your chances of a Veg-Match. Check out this #tipoftheday for all our Veggly users:

4 Ways to improve your Veggly Profile

  1. Upload all 9 pictures. First impression is important! Use this space to show who you are: use some pictures clearly showing yourself and some showing your lifestyle: what you like to do, your pets etc. BTW, if you don’t have at least on picture, your Veggly profile will not be shown to potential Veg-Matches
  2. Complete your about section: describe yourself, what you like to do and interesting things about you. What about vegan/ vegetarian specifics? Use this to show potential Veg-Matches how much you love the animals, the environment etc. A Veggly profile is SO much more than a regular profile 😊
  3. Use the app frequently. The default order of people’s feed uses mostly when they were last online. That means when you login, your Veggly profile goes to the top and is presented to more people. That means more chances of a Veg-Match!
  4. Consider changing your filters of age and distance. This may not be an option for you but it’s worth revising if, to find a Veg-Match, you wouldn’t be willing to go a bit farther away or out of your age range.

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There you have it! Using dating apps can be tiring sometimes so we hope this tip helps you make the most out of Veggly and find your Veg-Match like so many have!

Don’t forget to tell your veggie friends to join Veggly and help us grow the community.

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