The impact of the photos and how it influences in matches in online dating apps.

In the vast world of dating apps, first impressions are often formed through profile pictures. Recently, we conducted a fascinating study with over 500,000 online dating users. On this study our focus was to investigate the impact of the number of photos on profiles and how it influences an increase in matches.

The Magic of the Number of Photos:

the impact of the number of photos and how it influences an increase in matches

How Many Photos Should I have to My Dating Profile? The study clearly shows that the number of photos on a profile plays a significant role in attracting potential matches. Users who showcase two pictures instead of just one experienced an impressive increase of 51% in the number of received likes. Moreover, those with 4 pictures observed a notable boost of 39% compared to users with 2 photos. While individuals with 7 pictures enjoyed a commendable increase of 32% in likes compared to the ones with 4 photos.

On average, every single additional picture on a profile will result in an increase of 25% in the number of likes a person will get. This data underscores the direct correlation between the number of photos and the likelihood of receiving positive attention. By providing a more complete view of who they are, users not only increase their chances of attracting matches but also witness a tangible rise in engagement on the platform.

Quality Does Matter:

While the quantity of photos is important, quality plays a crucial role. Sharp, well-lit images that accurately represent the user’s personality are more likely to attract matches. Avoid excessive editing and filters that may distort reality, as authenticity is valued by Veggly users.

Visual Diversity:

The study also highlighted the importance of visual diversity. Photos depicting different aspects of life, such as daily activities, hobbies, and social moments, contribute to creating a more comprehensive impression. Diversity helps convey the unique personality of each user, providing connection points for potential partners.

The Vegan Experience Beyond Photos:

Veggly is not just about photos; it’s about sharing a vegan lifestyle. Include pictures that highlight your passion for veganism, such as delicious dishes you’ve prepared, moments at vegan events, or any activity that reflects your dietary values.

In a digital world where the image often speaks louder, the study reveals that the visual approach can directly impact the number of matches on dating apps. By cultivating a profile with authentic, diverse, and high-quality photos, users have the opportunity to create deeper and more meaningful connections with fellow members of the community. Remember, your profile is the gateway to promising encounters – open it with authenticity and visual diversity

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