Guide to the best ethical vegan fashion brands, that are cruelty-free. Here you can do your shopping with good conscience, and know that the items you buy come from a fair business.

Guest post by Nanna Svingholm Ladefoged

MUD Jeans

My favorite place where you can buy high equality denim jeans, that are good for you and the world. They use recycled cotton and organic cotton. Their goal is to make circular jeans, both in the environment and social. They recycle items, and re-design items, of f.x.. your old jeans. The old jeans are always recycled after use.

Furthermore they share, you can lease a couple of jeans. That means that you can pick a couple of jeans and sign up, get your discount if you have an old pair, that you can send in. After that you can lease a second pair of jeans. Keep them or swap the item. After 12 months, it is your jeans, fully paid, and you  can keep the jeans or swap for a new pair.

The reason they started with jeans was to make the pollution smaller in the fashion industry, the second most polluting industry in the world. They always want the jeans back after use to make the world a better place 😉
Check them out and learn more about their design on


Noumenon is a fantastic vegan fashion brand, here you can shop cruelty-free. They also sell clothing from other designers. But I wanna talk about Noumenon.

Here you can buy nice and cool design. Their clothes are produced with linen, cupro, organic cotton, and Tencel.

Furthermore they use recycled and surplus materials. Every fabrics and materials starts its journey in Europe to reduced the CO2. First it started with the fact that she wanted to find an ethical, yet beautiful design, and then she decided to start her own, which is high ethical yet sophisticated she describe her clothes. For me it is sincerely worth paying attention to. It really is a sophisticated, chick, pretty, well-thought, eye catching and cool design that I would love to wear. They have terms, and they follow them, it is amazing.
Check them out and learn more about their design

Nae Vegan Shoes

If you are out and about to find new shoes, then look for Nae Vegan Shoes. Their design is excellent. I absolutely love it.

They are highly ethical and use fabrics so sustainability and recycling is not a question or a problem. They make their items f.x. of cork, organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles and pineapple leaf fibers. Their shoes are classic with a twist of something new I think. New ways of making shoes, hot design both to the calm consumer and the high fashion minded.

They also make nice sneakers to a good walk. And a couple of nice high heels if you are out for a cocktail. Get what you need, it should not be hard to find, in a place like Nae Vegan Shoes. Maybe you need sandals to walk to the beach to, or boots to take a walk in the snow. You can get what you need in their store. 
Check them out and learn more about their design

Do you have other vegan fashion brands you shop? Tell us in the comments 🌱😊

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