Veggly, the world’s leading dating app for vegans and vegetarians, has flourished, bringing together people with plant-based diets all over the world, uniting them in the pursuit of meaningful relationships. Join us as we explore the Top 13 best cities for vegan dating in 2023. Since the last time we came up with this ranking, nearly 2 years ago, a lot has changed. Some usual suspects as main veg metro areas, such as London, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Berlin, surely made into the top while we see some new major pockets of veg dating getting into the list, such as Zurich, Orlando, Brussels, Milan and Vienna.


With 6,655 users per million, London is the top city for vegan and vegetarian connections. London’s vibrant and diverse community embraces plant-based living with enthusiasm, contributing to meaningful connections among like-minded individuals.


Known for its open-minded and eco-conscious culture, Amsterdam secures the second spot on our list with 4,050 users per million. Vegan dating thrives in this city, where the canals are not the only thing flowing – shared values on cruelty-free living and sustainable choices create the perfect environment for vegan connections to blossom.


At number three, with 4,026 users per million, Munich stands out for its harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. 


Vegan dating has found a welcoming home in the green and bike-friendly city of Copenhagen, ranking fourth on our list with 3,822 users per million. The Danish capital’s commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with the values of vegans and vegetarians, fostering connections based on a shared dedication to a cruelty-free lifestyle.


Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, holds the fifth spot on our list, with 3,495 users per million. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, the city’s community embraces vegan dating, giving space to like-minded souls to explore compassionate relationships.


At number six, with 2,667 users per million, Orlando shines as a vegan-friendly hub in the United States.  Veggly facilitates connections among the city’s growing plant-based community, providing a platform for individuals in Orlando to discover love that aligns with their ethical and dietary choices.


With 2,640 users per million, the seventh spot goes to Brussels, where Veggly plays a vital role in uniting vegans in the heart of Europe. As the Belgian capital, Brussels offers a diverse vegan scene and Veggly enhances the experience by connecting individuals who share a commitment to cruelty-free living.


In the eight position, with 2,410 users per million, Helsinki stands out as a city where Veggly fosters connections in the midst of Nordic beauty. The Finnish capital’s embrace of veganism aligns with the app’s mission, creating a space for individuals to find love grounded in shared values of compassion and sustainability.

San Francisco

The ninth spot goes to San Francisco, with 2,408 users per million. This is a city renowned for its progressive and environmentally conscious community. Vegan dating thrives in this tech-savvy and socially aware city, providing a platform for individuals to connect over their shared commitment to a cruelty-free lifestyle in the Bay Area.


Nestled in the heart of Scandinavia, Stockholm takes the tenth spot on our list with 2,370 users per million. As the Swedish capital, Stockholm boasts a burgeoning vegan community that values compassion and ethical choices. Veggly provides a platform for individuals in Stockholm to connect over shared values, fostering meaningful relationships within this eco-conscious city. 


Berlin, renowned for its avant-garde culture and open-minded atmosphere, secures the eleventh position on our list, with 2,345 users per million. The city’s rich tapestry of plant-based eateries and events sets the stage for Veggly users to explore relationships grounded in a mutual commitment to cruelty-free living.


Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, grabs the twelfth spot on our list, with 2,319 users per million. In a city known for its culinary excellence, Veggly serves as a catalyst for forging connections amid the delectable offerings of plant-based Italian cuisine. 


As the thirteenth city on our list, Vienna, with  2,306 users per million, embraces Veggly’s mission to connect vegans seeking meaningful relationships. The Austrian capital’s appreciation for culture and conscious living aligns seamlessly with the values of Veggly users.

RankCityNumber of Veggly Users per 1 million
9San Francisco2,408

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