Sometimes, when you meet the right person, everything just.. clicks! At least, that’s what happened with Ruairi and Amy. This couple met on Veggly and ever since they met each other, they never looked back. Here’s the full story:

“So Ruairi and I matched on your app the start of January 2022 on the Wednesday… we chatted and swapped numbers and met quite quickly on the Saturday for drinks!! We met again on the Monday for vegan food… and we have been together every weekend ever since. We instantly clicked and it felt like we’d known each other forever… like old friends… but with extra chemistry and attraction 😊 it was so exciting to meet another vegan as it was completely rare for us before using your app… we have been together for over 2 years now and we are due our first baby together at the end of April 🥰” 

“I had been vegan for about 7 years before meeting Ruairi and him about a year 😊

We both feel grateful for your app for bringing us together. Ruairi is from Ireland and works all over UK and I live in a wee town outside Glasgow, we would never have met without your app! 

We really are a really happy couple though it’s been a dream..proof good things can happen in your 30s 

And we can’t wait for a little veggly vegan baby 😋  “

It’s safe to say that their relationship is an inspiration for all and we wish the best Ruairi, Amy and their new baby! It really was a perfect match. These are the kind of stories that Veggly aims to help create. 

If you want to tell your story about how you met your partner on Veggly, feel free to contact us via email or Instagram! It’s always a pleasure to read these heartwarming tales.

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