Veggly and Vegan Camp Out are proud of the work of uniting vegan communities together, and the founder and director of the festival himself, Jordan, alongside his partner Amber, are proof of the success of this partnership! Here’s how their vegan match unfolded: 

“We became best friends after meeting through Veggly 2 years ago, then made it official on the first night of Vegan Camp Out 4 months later 🤍 Endless thank yous for helping us find each other Veggly!”

We’re very happy to have played a part in their story and wish all the best to the happy couple! If you, too, are looking to connect with others who share your passion for veganism, join Veggly both virtually and in person at our tent at Vegan Camp Out, where Jordan’s vision comes to life. Together, we can help our community grow and thrive even more! 🌱💚

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