Veggly, the dating app for vegans and vegetarians, is today releasing new data revealing the latest dating, relationship and friendship trends for vegans and vegetarians in 2022. 

The data reveals a wide range of fascinating trends that include what percentages of vegans and vegetarians are looking for long term monogamous relationships, friendships, open relationships, or ‘one off’ dates. 

The findings show that three quarters (73.4%) of Veggly users are interested in long term, monogamous relationships. Over half (56%) are interested in ‘one-off dates’, over a third (33.8%) are interested in open relationships, and over half (57.2%) are interested in meeting new friends via Veggly. 

The data mining from Veggly also reveals how Valentine’s Day causes a large surge in new users every year. During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day in 2020 and 2021, Veggly experienced a large surge in new users, with boosts of 143% and 55% respectively (relative to previous period). 

The data also shows an intriguing range of differences between vegetarians and vegans. In particular, the findings show how vegans and vegetarians are 69% more likely to pursue an open relationship than meat eaters.*

Commenting on the new data, Founder of Veggly, Alex Felipelli, said: “This data is great to see because it shows how our platform is being used for all sorts of purposes, helping herbivores across the world connect in new ways. We are always happy to see new connections through Veggly; it can be a new romantic one-to-one relationship, like the ones you can see from our testimonials, or a friendship, an open relationship, a multi-person relationship, or just a ‘one-off’ date – we don’t mind as long as people are happy meeting other vegans and veggies!

“We also found it interesting to see how vegans are more keen for open relationships than vegetarians. The analysis from Jo Hemmings explains the likely reasons why this is the case.”

Also commenting on the results, Jo Hemmings, Behavioural Psychologist and Relationship Coach, said: “This research from Veggly that vegans and veggies are 69% are more likely to pursue an open relationship than meat eaters is fascinating, and it makes sense from my point of view as a psychologist. Vegans in particular have already taken an ethical decision not to eat meat, and this has become one of their core values when meeting a match. Due to their self-assured and less traditional eating choice, they are more likely to have the strong confidence needed to consider relationships that are also different from the ‘norm’. They have already broken away from the traditional norms for diet… so why not break away from relationship norms as well? 

“That norm-breaking confidence may also be carried into other areas of relationships, and could result in a stronger likelihood to experiment in the bedroom or with other varieties of relationship that aren’t in keeping with traditional relationship structures.”

Veggly, which now has over 600,000 users, is available throughout the world (users in 181 countries). Veggly is set to continue its rapid growth thanks to its growing army of vegan volunteers around the world who have worked together to translate the app from English into Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish and Polish, with many more languages on the way.

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