If you’ve ever seen the oil painting, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, then you know the how art can set your heart on fire and make you wish you were within the painting yourself. It all makes sense when you consider that love literally “lives in the brain, not in the heart”, as found in a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The study showed that two brain structures—the insula and the striatum—are responsible for transforming sexual desire into love. These parts of the brain light up when we view erotic pictures or look at images of someone we are attracted to. However, the question remains—if you have a romantic date coming up, why not take a more active role in the process and create vegan art alongside the object of your desire? 

  Collecting Vegan Materials: 

Start planning for your date by visiting vegan art shops or by shopping online. Vegan supplies are totally free of animal products and no animal testing is involved in their production. You may be surprised to learn that most materials used to make art—everything from colored pencils to glue, and brushes, contain animal products. For instance, most brushes are made with fur from ferrets, squirrels, goats, and other animals and canvases are sized with rabbit skin glue. Be vigilant about the paper you use, too. Just a few vegan materials that are popular in the community include Strathmore Bristol and Fabriano paper, Derwent pencils, and Blick or Schmincke paints. 

Choosing a Perfect Backdrop:

Start out by choosing a romantic setting where you and your date can channel your inner Picasso or Rembrandt. Studies have shown that natural spots such as parks and forests are particularly conducive to creativity, since they lower stress and induce a pleasant, focused state of mind. Choose from the array of beautiful flora and fauna that surround you. Start out by sketching simple flowers like daffodils. These are one of the first springtime flowers to emerge in temperate climates and they are very easy to draw. You start out by drawing two curved lines to form a bell that is open at the bottom and the top. You then connect the upper openings of the bell with wavy, circular shapes to represent the petals. Next, draw leaves beneath the petals, and then a stem and start coloring in your flower, using different intensities to reflect the way sunlight falls on the flower. Of course, if you are feeling daring, you might suggest that you and your date draw each other instead.   

Preparing a Romantic Picnic:

Human beings can’t live on art alone though if you are a promising or professional artist yourself, you know how easy it is to get “lost in the moment” when you are creating a painting, drawing, or sculpture. 

Since you will be in the Great Outdoors, make sure your lover doesn’t get too cranky by preparing a yummy vegan picnic. Foods to pop into your wicker basket include vegan pinwheel sandwiches, homemade corn tortilla chips served with Mexican salsa, a Greek farro salad layered in a jar, and raw vegan chocolate treats for dessert. Wash this feast down with a top bottle of vegan wine such as Blanc de Noirs Brut 2013 (Kingscote), Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2016 (Rutini), or Late Harvest 2017 (Mád). If you have a date coming up and you’d like to surprise your date with an original plan, take them outdoors and make some art. Choose a nice, intimate setting, bring an array of vegan art supplies, and enjoy a feast that will get you both “in the mood for love.”

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