Sometimes, all it takes is a single connection to change the course of our lives. Meet Navi and Ryan’s #OurVegMatch story, a couple whose love and connection all began with a VegMatch. Here’s what Ryan sent us:

“Hello Veggly Team 😊

Thanks to Veggly, I met an amazing girl, we matched on July 28th, and had our first date on Aug 3rd 2023 and she recently met my family this past weekend 😊 and we’ve been happily together ever since. Wishing you continued success in connecting like-minded individuals who share a love for the plant-based lifestyle.”

Navi also sent a message from her perspective:

“When I joined Veggly I did not expect at all that I would find my Love. I was in a very tough stage of my life and meeting Ryan is the most wonderful thing that happened in my life. Veggly played a significant role in bringing us together, and we couldn’t be more grateful. “

At Veggly, we are proud to contribute to a community that nurtures the growth of genuine connections, showcasing how a shared love for a plant-based lifestyle can lead to lasting relationships. As we celebrate Navi and Ryan’s encounter, we also celebrate the ever-expanding potential and opportunities for vegan and vegetarian couples to meet on Veggly.

Would you like to find your VegMatch as well?

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