Meet Allie and Stephen, a couple whose vegan love story started on Veggly. In April of 2023, the two matched on the platform. The connection was there, and after a week of talking to each other on the app, they met in person and sparks flew. In their own words:

“Stephen and I matched on Veggly in April of 2023. After chatting for a week we met at a local music festival and instantly became inseparable. It was love at first sight, and Stephen asked me to be his girlfriend after only a week and a half!

One year later, we find ourselves falling harder every day. We’ve spent our first year together exploring every vegan restaurant we could find, attending countless festivals, traveling around the world from New York to Italy and more, and have made countless memories along the way. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, and we’re so grateful Veggly helped to bring us together!”

We could not be happier to know that Veggly played a part in uniting this beautiful couple, and we’re honored to have been a part of their journey toward finding love and creating lasting memories together. Stories like theirs are what we always strive for: bringing like-minded individuals together and fostering meaningful connection. We wish all the best to Allie and Stephen​​! If you have a similar story to share, whether it was love at first sight, a great friendship or even just a great first date, you can contact us via e-mail or Instagram and we can feature you on our page!

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