Veggly’s main goal has always been to make it easier for like minded people to meet each other. However, in this story, our app didn’t help two people meet, but helped them reconnect. Erick and Letícia went to the same school as kids and, thanks to Veggly, they were able to reconnect and have now been together for two years! Let’s hear their story directly from Erick:

“We met in seventh grade, she was the shy one and I was more extroverted. We were in the same class for two years and barely talked. She kept more to herself and was always reading while I was more outgoing and loose. After eighth grade, we both switched to the same school by coincidence (or maybe fate trying to bring us together) but it was so big that we didn’t really see each other at that time. Years later, during the pandemic, I heard about Veggly through Instagram and that’s where I saw Letícia again. When we matched,I hadn’t realized that she was the girl I went to school with for so long.

Over two years ago, we decided to go to a vegan restaurant together and we haven’t looked back since.

Thank you so much, Veggly, for bringing this amazing woman back into my life.”

It really is a small world, huh? It goes without saying that their story warmed our hearts. We are so happy to have helped these two lovebirds meet again. We wish this couple the best of luck and, if you also have a story like theirs that you’d like to share, you can contact us via e-mail or Instagram and we can feature you on our page!

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