Love knows no boundaries, and in the case of Vesna and Milos, their common interests brought them together on Veggly. Their shared passion for animal rights and veganism not only ignited a spark between them but also transformed their lives forever. Today, the vegan family proudly shares their heartwarming story of love, fate and the arrival of their precious baby Vid. Here is what they said:

“My name is Vesna and I joined Veggly last year. Thanks to your platform, I met my partner, Milos. Love towards animals and veganism have matched us and changed our lives forever. We got a baby boy few weeks ago and even though we don’t believe in coincidence, we are very grateful  for taking part in our love story.

Please be free to share this information and picture with whom you deem appropriate as an act of gratitude and a living proof that your platform works 🙂

With love, 

Vesna, Milos & Vid from Serbia”

At Veggly, we strive to create a space where like-minded individuals can find each other, connect, and build meaningful relationships. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have helped create a unite this family and wish all the best to Vesna, Milos and Vid!

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