We get so happy when we help bring a new vegan couple together! This is the main reason why we created #Veggly and knowing that we are helping people this way makes us very happy and inspires us to keep going! 😊🌱

Annibal and Mel met through #Veggly and are #dating nowadays. Take a look at the testimonial they shared with us:

“I met Mel through Veggly. I sent her a superlike, but I realized she hadn’t been on the app for a while. So I decided to look her up on Instagram and as I’m terrible at starting conversations, based on her posts, I started discussing some vegan cosmetics she used and recommended. Then I decided to ask her the recipe for the beautiful vegan cookies she had posted, and from then on our conversations became more and more frequent. I also couldn’t help asking her to join Veggly and accept my superlike; the result was that I got a superlike back! We are very happy together and we have many future plans, including a list of “things we will do together” that grows with our love. We’ll be Veggly’s most romantic couple! Thanks for everything!” – Annibal (@annibal.world _) and Melissa (@srta.melveg)

Would you like to find your Veg-Match as well?

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