The perfect match! Combining seitan and vegan dating

Seitan and Vegan dating? We have tasty news from Veggly HQ for you! We are very excited to announce our new partnership with LoveSeitan, Europe’s top manufacturer of delicious seitan.

Seitan and Vegan dating

We have entered this partnership to help Veggly users in the UK (and in the future, around the world) get their hands on the best vegan food possible.

From today, our users in the UK will have access to discounts on LoveSeitan products; we want to help LoveSeitan boost awareness of seitan as a healthy vegan meat, and create some delicious discounts.

As the world’s leading dating platform for vegans and vegetarians, we’re committed to supporting other vegan brands on a mission to change the world, so it is an honor to collaborate with such an excellent vegan food brand.  

As we expand (we now have over 325,000 users globally), we’ll be watching out for more opportunities like this to give the best discounts possible, so let us know if you think there is a vegan brand we should have a look at!

Commenting on the partnership news, our Founder, Alex Felipelli, said: “Seitan is a wonderful vegan food and we love helping create new relationships in the UK, so it is a perfect partnership for us! We’re very excited to see some new ‘Veg-Matches’ for LoveSeitan customers across the country.”

Also commenting on the new partnership, the Co-Founder of LoveSeitan, Steve Swindon, said: “This is great news for seitan lovers looking for new love in their life. We hope to see plenty of ‘Veg-Matches’, success stories and new relationships for our customers come out of this new partnership. And together with Veggly, we’re keen to boost awareness of seitan as a delicious vegan meat throughout the UK!”

So, there you go! We hope you enjoy this partnership! After all, seitan and vegan dating together is the dream of many vegans and vegetarians! 😊 To stay up to date with all of our announcements, blog posts, and future partnerships, subscribe to Veggly blog.

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Best vegan dating cities in the world

New data reveals the world’s best cities for vegan dating.

Today, the Veggly team is very excited to release new data revealing the world’s best cities for vegan dating. Right now, London takes the number one spot, with the highest number of users in relation to population (81 users per million). London has over 12,000 users on Veggly, with and over 22,000 ‘Veg-Matches’ so far.

Lisbon, Portugal, is number two on the list, with the second highest number of users in relation to population, with 49 Veggly users for every 1 million people in the city. Very close behind is Amsterdam, in third place, with 48 per million.

Moving across the Atlantic, San Francisco takes fourth place, with 31 per million, followed Toronto in fifth place (24), and Los Angeles in sixth (20). Continuing west, Sydney (19) slides into seventh place as the top city in Australia.

The German cities of Frankfurt (18.9) and Berlin (18) place eighth and ninth respectively, followed by the big apple, New York City, in tenth (16).

Despite not having a city in the top three, the United States boasts the highest overall number of Veggly users in one country, with 32,376.

In the past year, Veggly has grown rapidly, reaching over 160,000 global users (7x growth since July 2019), from the US, to Canada, to Australia, to Denmark and beyond.

Available globally, Veggly is set to continue its growth thanks to an army of vegan volunteers around the world who have worked together to translate the app into Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, Danish and Polish, with many more languages on the way.

In response to the new city hotspots data, Veggly’s Founder, Alex Felipelli, said: “It’s great to see so many thriving hotspots for vegans and vegetarians looking for love across the world. London in particular is leading the way, with over 12,000 users now.

“Our mission is to help these hotspots grow and build new ones by making the Veggly app accessible to everyone, no matter where they are. As more people go vegan and vegetarian, we want to make sure they can find love along the way with likeminded people. That’s why we’ll continue investing and updating the app with new features every month, available for all countries.”

Top 10 cities in the world (ranked by number of Veggly users in relation to population)

CountryTotal number of usersPopulation (millions)Number of Veggly users per 1 million
San Francisco1,4854.7331.40

So, there you go! Those are the best hotspots right now, but there are many new ones growing each day. To stay up to date with all of our announcements, blog posts, and future partnerships, please follow the growth of Veggly on our social channels:





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